SparrowHawk Property Portfolios

SparrowHawk buys, sells and manages institutional-grade industrial properties in the top 25 industrial markets in the United States. SparrowHawk’s primary objective is to acquire proven, grade A and B quality, high-occupied properties throughout the regional distribution markets.

SparrowHawk only purchases property conceived and built by quality developers and offers the latest state-of-the-art requirements for its tenants. SparrowHawk targets tenants that are Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, investment grade companies and regional based firms.

SparrowHawk Holdings – PowerOne

SparrowHawk Holdings is a private real estate investment partnership among SparrowHawk, PowerOne Capital Markets and Corriente Partners. The partnership is focused on industrial properties in key markets around the U.S. SparrowHawk Holdings – PowerOne emphasize markets throughout the Midwest, Atlantic and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S., where the group’s experience can best be leveraged in […]

SparrowHawk – Crossroad Commercial

Crossroad is a private open-ended investment partnership exclusively investing in Indianapolis and Louisville. The partnership targets properties with strong tenant base, and long-term leases.

SparrowHawk – American National Insurance Company

SparrowHawk and American National Insurance Company have joint ventured on a diversified portfolio of income producing industrial properties in leading markets throughout the U.S.  The Joint Venture is exclusively focused on investing in industrial properties that generate stable and growing cash flow in targeted markets.