3904-3910 Produce Road | Louisville, Kentucky

Portfolio: SparrowHawk – American National Insurance Company

SparrowHawk and American National Insurance Company have joint ventured on a diversified portfolio of income producing industrial properties in leading markets throughout the U.S.  The Joint Venture is exclusively focused on investing in industrial properties that generate stable and growing cash flow in targeted markets.


Type: Warehouse
Size: 100,000, 120,000, and 190,000 SF
Land Area: Approx. 5.63 Acres, 6.25 Acres, and 12.24 Acres
Building Depth: 200' x 500', 200' x 600', and 200' x 950'
Clear Ceiling Height: 20' - 22'/24'
Column Spacing: 50' x 50'
Dock High Doors: 12 (9' x 10') with levers, seals
Drive in Doors: 2 (12' x 14')
Lighting: Metal Halide/T-5 Fluorescents (with occupancy sensors)
Loading: Front Load/ Rear Load
Fire Protection: ESFR


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