A Conservative, Resourceful and Proven Investment Perspective

Consistent return for our investors distinguishes SparrowHawk’s industrial-real-estate investment philosophy and track record.

This success stems largely from a conservative investment approach, focused on occupied, non-speculative Class-A-and-B buildings that offer an inherent advantage for positive return. In many cases, SparrowHawk’s hands-on management and enhancement of such properties after acquisition assures that projected value is met and quite often exceeded.

Finding Opportunity in Recovering Markets

In areas where market conditions are poised to improve, SparrowHawk endeavors to acquire properties where higher lease rates can be obtained upon tenant turnover. Similar value can be realized through physical property upgrades and bundling of such properties into Class-A portfolios for institutional buyers.


Maintaining Momentum in Established Markets

Predictable long-term cash flow is SparrowHawk’s chief goal in stable markets. Properties in mature markets will also ideally appreciate through built-in rent escalations and expansion opportunities.

Preserving a Nimble, Hands-on Investment Approach

SparrowHawk is a streamlined company by design. Company founder, Alfredo Gutierrez, is directly involved in every transaction. Moreover, Alfredo fosters longstanding relationships within the investor, owner and broker communities. These characteristics offer SparrowHawk’s partners a number of distinct advantages –

  • Speed – As a small company with hands-on leadership, SparrowHawk can act upon opportunities when time is of the essence
  • Creativity – Because SparrowHawk is free from many institutional restraints, the company can explore leading-edge strategies and offer innovative financing solutions
  • Flexibility – SparrowHawk often works outside the narrow parameters of portfolio-based or institutional criteria to uncover a wide array of investment possibilities